SEO as Part of The Design

This is a chart from Google Search Console from a  website we released in January. The site has been under utilised over the last year and has not generated any business for the company. It’s always interesting when people have websites and have never made a sale from it. To me this makes no sense. A website is your shop window not only does it need to look good but people need to be able to find it.

Design is all about looking good and SEO is all about being able to find it. Think of it this way, if you have a dark and dirty shop front in the middle of town and when people come in it smells of something unpleasant will people buy from you let alone enter? But also if you have an amazing shop front that is clean and inviting but it’s in the middle of a field will people find it? This is one of the big reasons we believe design is part of SEO not to mention different designs appeal to different customers.

So how do we incorporate SEO in our design phase? We start by asking lots of questions about you, your products and who your customers are. Once we have all this then we start the design phase incorporating the following SEO considerations

  1. Correct wording for all H1, H2 and H3 tags
  2. Incorporating your most important words and phrases whilst keeping your content natural
  3. Compressing and choosing the correct images
  4. Ensuring important information stands out and is above the page fold
  5. We look at the amount of text on each page and section so there is not too much or too little
  6. Planing user flow and making the site easy to understand
  7. Consistency across elements and usability
  8. Making it easy for you to add content like a blog or events page

Thar is a lot more that we do throughout the creation of a website to aid with better SEO from having responsive sites to submitting site maps directly to Google. But if we don’t consider SEO from the start and during the design phase, we know we will never get the results we want for all our customers.

Coming back to the graph at the top there was little SEO work actually done on the site bar what is introduced in our most simple website packages. This lead to an almost immediate increase in clicks and impressions. We know moving forwards with this site it is only going to get better as domain reputation increases and more blog posts are created.

If you want to know more about what we can do and how a new site could change your business for the better why not request a call back today from one of our SEO experts today on 01980847578