Esdon Architecture Business Insight

It has been a busy and productive day today. It started at 05:50 getting ready to attend a weekly networking meeting. After the meeting I had time to go and see Ed from Esdon Architecture I do not often get time to go and see other business’ and learn about how they work, grow and serve their customers. But today it was nice to spend some time with Ed the owner of Esdon Architecture.

It definitely surprised me the work that goes in behind the scenes to produce a set of architectural designs and then taking them all the way to the end product. From circumnavigating planning proposals to finding the right contractor, there is so much more involved than a simple drawing. What was really interesting to see the diversity of portfolio that Esdon Architecture has from simple extensions to some really stunning curved buildings.

I would definitely recommend Esdon Architecture for their dedication, passion and sound business practice. This is without mentioning the brilliant work Ed has done for one of my clients. If you have a project in mind why not visit his website and get in touch I am sure they will be happy to help.