Windows 10 update series 4

Last time we talked about the Start Menu highlighting the pros and cons. This month I wanted to talk about the best way to operate in Windows 10.

The fundamentals about how to work on Windows 10 are the same as working on Windows XP. You have a desktop and your files. Some people have a messy desktop with everything they need to hand. Personally I like to work with a tidy desktop with the current active jobs on it. Desktop Icons work the same as they always do. Double clicks to open.

The File Manager is what we use to access your files. We used to call this Explorer. To access it you need to single click on the little file icon on the taskbar. Once you click on it and the window opens you will be pleasantly surprised it works the same way it always has. There is a list under “This PC” where you will find “Desktop” “Documents” “Downloads” “Music” and “Pictures”. Windows will automatically attempt to save your files in these locations it helps to keep everything together and away from the system files.

As you can see we have a very similar layout as every other version of windows the only difference is that Windows 10 will try its best to get you to work in these areas. It’s a good thing to only work in this way as you are less likely to misplace your documents when it comes to changing your computer or recovering your information if it breaks.

I hope pointing out these parts of Windows 10 helps you to see how similar it is to the previous versions of Windows. Next month I will show you how the settings have changed in Windows 10. I will focus on where to add printers and how to remove programs as this will be the most common use of the settings.