Windows 10 update series 5

Last month we talked about the best ways to operate in Windows 10. This month I want to talk about the settings in Windows 10 and explain how to use/set up your printer.

In the previous versions of Windows, we used to use the control panel for the settings and features within Windows. In Windows 10 Microsoft have incorporated a new Settings Menu, it can be found in the bottom right of the screen. Firstly, you need to click on the little button that looks like a square speech mark then the side menu will appear and you can click on a button that says “All Settings”.

This is a new Settings Menu for Windows 10, each update has been given more control to the Settings Menu. At the top of the window is a handy feature which can help you quickly search and find the settings that you’re looking for. So if you want to find the Display Settings you could simply type in display and to find security you simply just type in security.

To add a printer from this menu you first need to click on Devices. Then on the left-hand side you will see a button saying Printers and Scanners. This is the area where you will add, remove and manage your printers. The first thing to do when adding a printer is to ensure that your printer is connected to your network. The easiest way to do this is to use the WPS button. Firstly, you will need to click and hold the WPS button on your Router(s) for around two seconds, then you need to tell your printer through the Settings to connect via WPS or if there is no screen hold the Wi-Fi button in for around two seconds. Hopefully, this will connect your printer to the Router making it accessible on the network.

Once your printer is on the network you can then attempt to find it through the Settings, to do this you will need to go back to the screen where the Printers and Scanners are, then you can click on add a printer or scanner on the right-hand side. Windows will search for your printer but it won’t always find it, you may have to click the blue text that appears saying that the printer that I want isn’t listed. Even if you have a brand-new printer you want to select the button for “my printer’s a little older help me find it” and then click next. Hopefully, your printer will show up in the list and you can click on it and click next and Windows will install your printer. All you have to do now is print a test page to ensure it’s working.

Through my experience working with a variety of different computers and printers, it is not always as easy as this to connect a printer. Sometimes you need to use the manufacturers’ software, other times you need to find obscure drivers. If you are struggling just remember Guardian Angel PC support is always near…

I hope you found this article useful