Windows 10 update series 3

In the last article, we talked about my favorite feature in Windows 10 Cortana. Today I’d like to talk about the start menu.

From Windows 95 all the way up to Windows 7 the start menu was laid out in a very similar way but then Windows 8 came along. Windows 8 was originally released featuring its new almost tablet-like view, however, we have become so accustomed to the way that we use Windows that nobody liked it including me. With Windows 10 Microsoft has attempted to take the best parts of Windows 8 and incorporate them into a version of Windows that works the way we’ve been using them to working. They’ve achieved this by adding a new section to the start menu.

The new section in the start menu is on the right-hand side and incorporates the large pain like icons. People that find visual prompts helpful may well like this feature has it is easy to use, you simply drag and drop the program you want to use in the section you want it. For me, however, I find it too clunky and my analytic brain does not compute and I’ll always prefer a small icon and list. Luckily for me just next to this section is a full list of all the programs installed on the computer you can simply scroll up and down and the laid out is in alphabetical order.

On the left-hand side of the start menu is where you’ll find the power button to turn the computer off, settings, pictures, and documents. As you can see the start menu is similar but fundamentally different, there are also extra sections which can add a lot of confusion. As I always say to my customers ignore the other pretty colorful squares and just use the start button to turn the computer off and access your files.

I hope you find the explanation of the start menu helpful for the next article I want to try and explain the most efficient way to go about your daily business from writing letters checking emails to saving opening files.

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