Help improving your IT support as your business changes

No successful business stays the same: we grow, we shrink and we innovate to survive. The only constant is that change is inevitable; just like entropy it is always increasing. There are a thousand and one things to think about when your business is upscaling or downsizing and IT is just one of them.

When your business is growing your IT requirements will grow with it. This could be the incorporation of extra laptops and desktops to the installation of Servers, Virtual Private Networks, Host Intrusion Prevention Systems and more. We can meet all your needs and know when and at what stage to incorporate each change. No company can start off with all the equipment and all the solutions. At each stage of company development, we have the knowledge and expertise to advise on the correct equipment and setup needed.

Not all business have appropriate IT setups. We have recently seen companies with 3 employees working on legacy server 2003 equipment. If you are in this position we can advise on the correct route to take for your business. To bring a system like this up to modern standards and to enable them to work securely and safely there would need to be an investment of around £8,000. This would not be appropriate when we could set up a small office with network assessed storage, brand new computers and cabling for less than a quarter of the price.

When your company is undergoing changes let your Guardian Angel look after all your IT needs. Just give us a ring today and ask about outsourcing your IT to stay safe and protected.